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    I will help you do what you love, love what you do, be profitable & not lose your sanity in the process.


    It's MORE than possible...let me show you exactly HOW.



    I am passionate about families, communities and creating legacies. I've been a few places, seen a few things and experienced life in ways I was not prepared for in the moment. From those journeys my purpose became and continues to be crystal clear. The awards, credentials and titles earned along the way are far less important to me than the fact that today, I am a woman that is redefining my family legacy and families like mine.


    Allow me to introduce myself: I am Roxanne Iniece Charles, family focused, passionate about visionaries - young and old- in transition, and restoring communities of color.


    As a mother and grandmother I have witnessed in amazement the evolution of my children and learned how to be powerful even when you feel powerless.


    As a daughter and sister, I have experienced unexplainable heartbreak and learned how to pick up the pieces and continue to push forward.


    As a servant leader I am clear that the life I live is not about me. I understand the importance of selfless service and the power of authenticity.



    "Inside of every problem lies an opportunity." Robert Kiyosaki


    I am equally as passionate about creating winning business legacies without compromising your sanity in the process. I know first hand the challenges of balancing a progressive career, building a business and maintaining an active personal life. I am here to tell you it can be done - you can build a business, love your life, love on your family and not lose yourself in the process.


    Like many I started this life journey focused on being "successful". As you know the definition of success changes as your life evolves. Success is relative to where you are, where you are trying to get to and what's really the goal.


    I work with service based entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to create signature success systems to get the results you need in a compressed timeframe.


    You don't have to settle for mediocre. You deserve better PERIOD.


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    If you are looking for support to launch a profitable business or build a solid infrastructure to increase profits or you are just ready to take your business to the next level…you are in the right place!

    You don't have to give up your sanity to make a profit

    New and aspiring entrepreneurs come to me for clarity and support on how to build, launch and leverage a profitable business. To jumpstart the launch of your first (or next business) visit www.OptimizeMe.biz for details.


    Businesses that need to reinforce their infrastructure to increase profits with a solid foundation of systems, proven revenue strategies and effective bootstrapping tactics, opt to work within series of private intensive 90 minute sessions. If that's you, secure your session today.


    I strategize with consultants, coaches and experts in service based industries to master their wokflow processes for optimal impact and profit. In private 60 minute virtual Next Level sessions get the expertise, guidance and support to make the leap to the other side. Are you looking to make the leap? Reserve your Next Level Strategy Session now.


    I am the next level strategist for professionals that need support to leverage their expertise and take their success to the next level. Book your Rewire Your Success Discovery Session here.


    To be clear, I am not for everyone. People come to me when they want to finally get it done. No fluff. Just real talk and real results.I am a strategist but my clients often refer to me as their coach. I affectionately refer to those I work with as "visionaries". Follow me on social media and you will regularly hear me ask #HowCanIHelp - raise your hand to get what you need. It's never too late to #FinishStrong. Join my private Facebook Group Mogul Quarters for ongoing support.


    If you need a strategy to connect your ideas, solid structure to build platform with the right systems and technology to achieve optimized profits. Start the process here.....






    Do you need to quickly isolate a problem area in your business NOW and laser focus on resolving the challenge efficiently, permanently and effectively? Need expert guidance on unlocking the code to optimizing productivity, elevating your impact and increasing revenue?


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