• Roxanne Iniece Charles, Business Strategist, Consultant & Coach

  • Start-up specialist, nonprofit leader and performance optimization strategist, Roxanne brings proven success strategies of highly successful, productive, and visible game changers in the marketplace to entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to emerge in their markets.


    For 10 + years small, micro and medium size businesses, including service based providers, educational institutions and associations have utilized her signature systems and processes to start, grow and thrive in their businesses, to increase net profits, expand their reach and grow their focus areas.

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    I am focused on supporting your service based business in hitting your success mark sooner, transforming your business operations and changing the trajectory of your success.


    I consult with small businesses, micro-businesses and nonprofit organizations to transform their business model to increase productivity, revenue, growth and decrease operational stress in a compressed time frame.


    I strategize with coaches and experts in service based industries to master their wokflow processes for optimal impact and profit.



    I am the next level strategist for professionals that need support to leverage their expertise and take their career to the next level.


    I work with entrepreneurs to leverage their resources to start, grow and scale profitable service based businesses.


    Let the results speak for themselves

    "After my first session with Roxanne I felt like my hair was standing straight up. I learned so much and got so much accomplished. By the time my second session was over, I was organized, had a workable plan in place with next steps. She made things less intimidating. Roxanne is well informed, knowledgeable and supportive."

    Conchetta Jones, Founder & CEO, She's All That Woman

    "You are a beast....the truth....you get it done!"

    Tamika Burruss, Founder & CEO, Burruss Health Services

    Founder & CEO, Midtown Medical Center, P.A.

    "You are very strategic. People don't work systems. You do. You are on point!"

    P. Riggins, Founder & CEO, She Heals, Inc.

    “Ms. Charles displays an innovative thought process and is a strategic decision maker...she get's the job done."

    MM, Educational Administrator

    "I am deeply impressed with Roxanne's leadership, analytical ability, focus and energy...I found her uniquely capable of creating new and effective solutions to problems...She quickly used her analytical skills to uncover patterns of non-performance and put standards in place...built the skills of a struggling team."

    M. Laing, Non-Profit Chief Executive

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